Colfax Creek Farm

100% Grass Fed Beef ∘ Pasture Raised Pork

Responsible Farming Since 1901

We work to balance the traditions & heritage of our past while inspiring future generations of farmers.

Our goals?

  • To create a better food system
  • Regenerate the land & soils that we farm
  • Revive the rural communities around us

This is what drives us to become better farmers and stewards of our lands and animals.

-Nicole & Aaron

Taste Responsible Farming

Love these hard working farmers. Meat is wonderful and they are great to work with. Looking for local delicious meat? Get in touch with the Bradleys!
Farming the way it's meant to be. Colfax Creek Farm does it right!
It's the only Beef my dad will eat... and that's saying something. Thank you all so much for your hard work and feeding my family.

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